DialogueEnhance - Speech Processor

Intelligent Speech Restoration

DialogueEnhance is an intelligent automatic speech processing tool. You can use it to easily enhance the quality of your speech recordings without having to adjust many parameters. The signal is processed by four different modules: Noise Reduction, Auto-EQ, Dynamic Reduction, Loudness Boost. A useful tool for podcast and video editors!

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Noise Reduction

automatic estimation

The noise content in your recording is estimated in real-time. You can adjust the reduction amount while listening to the result. The algorithm is similar to the one used in VoiceGate.

Automatic Equalizer

intelligent adaptation

The equalizer module will find resonance frequencies and overall spectral imbalances. You only have to choose how agressively the signal should be equalized without having to set the frequency bands or gains which are are automatically detected.

Parallel Compression

dynamic optimization

The compressor module uses a parallel compression scheme to optimize the dynamics of the speech recording. You can easily set the amount of desired compression with a single slider.

Loudness Boost

automatic level adjustment

The loudness boost module can automatically lift your signal to a desired output level. It will even balance out level changes over time. Choose between three different loudness standards.



Supported samplerates: 44.1kHz,48kHz,88.2khz,96kHz,192kHz
Supported channel layout: Mono/Stereo
Plugin formats: AAX, VST3, AU


Windows 7 (64-bit), 4 GB RAM, Dual-Core CPU 2GHz
Max OS X 10.12, 4 GB RAM, Dual-Core CPU 2GHz
An active internet connection is required for starting in Trial Mode (always) and activating (just once).

Compatible DAWs

Cubase, Nuendo, ProTools, Reaper, Ableton and more...

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