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We’re an innovative startup based in Darmstadt, Germany, specializing in state-of-the-art audio processing software crafted using the latest in machine learning technology. Our journey began with extensive academic research, which highlighted a significant gap between advanced theoretical insights and practical, usable implementations.

Our mission is to bridge this gap effectively. By leveraging intelligent algorithms, we address common audio processing challenges head-on. Our current product portfolio predominantly revolves around enhancing speech quality and restoring audio, catering especially to the needs of post-production and content creation professionals. Join us on our quest to push the boundaries of what’s possible and redefine industry standards.

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Our Technology

Crafting intelligence into our software involves a skillful blend of various machine learning techniques and digital signal processing methods. The cornerstone of our applications is the implementation of artificial neural networks. These networks possess the remarkable ability to be trained in modeling complex behaviors and solving problems that conventional, manually designed algorithms struggle to address.

One of our notable achievements is the successful optimization of computationally intensive deep learning models, enabling us to run them in real-time — a crucial requirement for audio processing. What sets us apart is that these optimizations also enable local execution, eliminating the need to send data to the cloud without any reliance on special hardware.

Always pushing forward, we work hard to fine-tune and improve our algorithms, all while constantly trying them out on new challenges.


Apart from the Accentize audio plugins, we also provide options for licensing our existing algorithms (like Noise Reduction, Reverb Suppression, Automatic Equalization, and more) and creating customized audio processing solutions for your unique requirements. If you’re interested, please feel free to contact us at licensing[at] We’re here to initiate further analysis and discussions to find the best way to support you.

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