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Accentize opens the door to cutting-edge audio technology through our comprehensive licensing program. Our intelligent audio algorithms, utilized in Accentize software products, are now available for third-party integration, empowering developers and businesses to enhance their applications with industry-leading noise reduction and speech enhancement features effortlessly.

Available Algorithms

We offer a wide variety of pre-built algorithms. In addition to these, we can also create customized versions tailored to your specific use-case and requirements!

					#include "DxRevive.h"
const char* key = "YOUR_LICENSE_KEY";
DxRevive dxRevive;
dxRevive.prepare(48000, 512); 
dxRevive.processSamples(audioSamples, 512, 50); 

Seamless Integration

By leveraging our libraries, you can seamlessly integrate our neural network-based audio algorithms into your applications. All our algorithms have been highly optimized to maintain an efficient CPU load and minimal memory footprint, enabling smooth operation on a wide range of devices without the need for specialized hardware like GPUs. With Accentize, rest assured that everything operates locally and in real-time, without the need to send data to the cloud. Whether you’re developing communication tools, audio processing software, or any application where high-quality speech recordings are paramount, Accentize offers the solution.

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