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In my nearly 30 years of working in sound, matching the acoustics of the location production sound was recorded in has always been important to me. I might have found the holy grail in the form of Chameleon 2! It has never been so easy to simulate the acoustic properties of production sound to help integrate ADR and Foley, or widen the sonic space. Not only does Chameleon do this with ease for any environment (both as a realtime plugin or as a processed/audiosuite), but it never sounds "off" or unnatural. I'm excited to see and hear where Chameleon will go from here.
Steven Ghouti
Steven Ghouti - Co-Founder Yellow Cab Studios - More
Arrival, Love & Friendship, In Safe Hands
dxRevive Pro is an absolute game changer. It's really doing something that no one else can, and literally bringing the voice back to life.The warmth it brings is amazing. Definitely on the must have plugin list.
Tim Chaproniere
Tim Chaproniere - Re-Recording Mixer and Sound Editor - IMDb
Mr Corman, What We Do In The Shadows, Shadow In The Cloud
What surprised me about dxRevivePro is that it’s not just about noise reduction. It naturally and elegantly adjusts the body in the dialog and the amount of room in the dialog, too. But the best part? It’s adjustable in real-time and it’s automatable, so you can use it in a mix quickly without doing tedious offline renders. I’m using it on advertising campaigns right now. Big thumbs up!
Nathaniel Reichman - Producer/Re-recording Mixer - IMDb
Nominated for a 2023 GRAMMY® Sila: The Breath of the World in Dolby Atmos || Zona Pictures’ new film Hungry Dog Blues || Tiësto’s DJ Mix Tiësto at EDC Las Vegas 2023 in Spatial Audio
With its clear user interface, realistic reverb matching and profile automation, Chameleon has quickly become the reverb I reach for when needing to match ADR and Foley to the production dialogue
Alexander Fielding - Re-Recording Mixer / ADR Mixer at Cardinal Audio - IMDb
In Bruges, The Double
I’m very impressed with dxRevive. It works well across a broad range of background noise issues, and can be used fairly aggressively before introducing any obvious artefacts. I’ve been able to make scenes work with the original performances that I would otherwise have had to cue for ADR.
Chris Roberts - Sound Editor/ADR Supervisor/Dialogue&ADR Editor - IMDb
The Gentlemen (Dialogue/ ADR Editor), Hotel Portofino (Dialogue/ ADR Editor), Sanditon (Supervising Dialogue Editor), Whitstable Pearl (Dialogue / ADR Editor)
DxRevive Pro has become a huge asset in post production. In an industry where you don’t have much time to fuss over iPhone recordings for replacement ADR, DxRevive just brings the dialogue to life with very quick results. In a sea of AI cleaning and enhancement tools, it stands out as a true gem.
Blake Bunzel - Universal Post - IMDb
Goliath, El Camino, Leave The World Behind
dxRevive Pro is a powerful tool for cleaning dialogue and vocals. I was able to use it on a feature film to save some seriously spotty dialogue that had evaded all other attempts at cleaning. dxRevive Pro is a welcome addition to my toolbox.
Steve DeMott - engineer/producer/songwriter/musician - IMDb
The Girl Who Cried Her Eyes Out, Fatal Truth, OneTribe Collective, Sennheiser ProTalk
dxRevive has quickly become the quintessential noise reduction tool in my arsenal. Its ability to swiftly, and effectively cleanup a broad range of production audio noise, while maintaining the original fidelity of the vocal, is truly impressive. From broadband denoise to cloth derustle, this plugin is an essential utility for audio professionals. Do not hesitate to try it!
It just works!
Justin W. Walker - Dialog/ ADR Supervisor - IMDb
Ghajini, Jawan, Into the Dark
Chameleon has quickly become integral into my workflow, and also love how it works well even in atypical use cases like imitating and replacing my dialogue ambience FX chains. It does something magical to smooth out the slap into reverb. Especially nice since it’s so CPU efficient.
J.C. Richardson
JC Richardson - Sound Designer/Mixer - IMDb
Marvel's Hit-Monkey, Archer
SpectralBalance does a great job of bringing the various voices in. Fixing boxiness, proximity issues and cut the need to eq each line. It works!
Tim Dolbear
Tim Dolbear - Mixing & Audio Engineer - IMDb
Lunch Room, Melany Rose
This week I'm confronted with an on-camera presenter recorded cleanly, but in the wettest, least-appropriate room on the planet. Well, in embarrassingly little time, I was able to apply dxRevive Pro on this speech, and restore it approaching voice-over studio quality! After a percentage adjustment to taste and minimize any artifacts, plus a little vocal EQ --- I was done. The client is over the moon about this. dxRevive Pro is a real breakthrough, a radical algorithm that can repair some material that was previously unrepairable.
Bob Katz
Bob Katz - Mixing And Mastering Engineer - Credits
Mastered three GRAMMY® Award-winning albums
Finally a plugin which just does the cleanup without me having to babysit each step! Instead of having to pick a plugin or module for each specific problem - dxRevive just solves whatever it hears. I'm also loving the fact that I actually gain quality and clarity, and not only remove the problematic aspects of a take. I feel like the dialogue is in way better shape now after the cleanup pass, compared to using my old plugins.
Gabriel Lund
Gabriel Lundh - the dome studios - More
The Prom (2020), Monarch (2022)
Simply remarkable! I was interviewed recently and the conditions were compromised, so I asked for the audio files. I can’t explain how incredibly successful dxRevive Pro performed ‘de-rooming’ the dialogue.
It’s so simple to use. It’s quite extraordinary.
Andrew Hunt - Award Winning Record Producer - More
Fuzz Skyler, Jonathon Holder & The Good Thinking
dxRevive Pro has instantly become an invaluable tool in my arsenal. The Studio algorithm does an incredible job of giving recording a new life while Retain mode makes denoising a breeze, all neatly packed in a very simple and clear user interface.
Alexis Feodoroff
Alexis Feodoroff - Re-Recording Mixer and Sound Editor - IMDb
Avatar: The Way Of Water, The Beatles: Get Back, Night Raiders
I’m very impressed with dxRevive Pro. It’s like having multiple sweetening plugins in one, getting rid of noise and unwanted reverb with minimal artifacts while restoring the resolution of the cleaned audio. dxRevive Pro is now a go to in my toolbox and workflow!
DxRevive Pro is scary good at what it does. It’s really hard to remember how I used to approach editing before a plugin like this was available. Being able to take what would otherwise probably have been an unusable mic and turning it into something else is a game changer
Michael Hertlein
Michael Hertlein - Dialogue Editor - IMDb
Masters Of The Air, Blade Runner 2049, The Flash
dxRevivePro has a refreshingly simple UI. Its adjustable multi band parameters are particularly handy and are the most effective I have come across. Producing fewer artefacts, and retaining more life and energy than its competitors, it is a must-have in any dialogue editor or mixer's arsenal.
Lucy Mitchell - Sound Editor & Dubbing Mixer - IMDb
Boiling Point, Jackdaw, The First Lady
Chameleon is the plugin that I have been asking for, for a long long time. It has saved me a great deal of time, when trying to match as closely as possible the acoustics of production film sound. Whether it be bedding in ADR or matching radio mics to the booms, Chameleon does an outstanding job!
Dan Morgan
Dan Morgan - Sound Supervisor IMDb
Last Night in Soho, Baby Driver, In Bruges
Since using dxRevive my other AI noise-reduction plugins have remained mostly dormant. If I could only use one noise-reduction plugin ever again it would be dxRevive.
Graham Kirkman - Dubbing Mixer - IMDb
The World According To Jeff Goldblum, Galapagos 3D, Natural History Museum Alive
Using dxRevive has been a game changer for me. I've been able to use it on really difficult and noisy production dialogue that would once take me a considerable amount of time using RX and other denoiser plugins to get even an "ok" sounding line out. With dxRevive, I can skip most of that and just dial in my settings, et voilà, in seconds, not only do I have a completely usable take, but in most cases, one that sounds better than the original thanks to the AI vocal synthesis dxRevive has under the hood. It does such a great job at maintaining the tone of the voice, but also putting back in frequencies typically lost in traditional denoising.
Rob Marshall
Rob Marshall - Re-Recording Mixer - IMDb
Jawan, Angel Has Fallen, What Lives Inside
dxRevive Pro is one of the most interesting tools to enter the post audio universe in recent memory- the abilty to both reduce noises in a natural manner, and also be able to refresh the natural sound of dialog is a great addition to the noise reduction tools we have in the post sound field. Accentize has brought some great products into the processing universe like; Voice Gate, DeRoom and Dialogue Enhance. It is well worth exploring and a definite timesaver. It's also worth noting that Accentizes’ support is terrific!
Charles Maynes
Charles Maynes - Sound Designer at CBS Seal Team -IMDb
Spider-Man, SEAL Team, Letters from Iwo Jima
DeRoom Pro is a surprisingly swift and natural-sounding new tool for enhancing clarity in voice overs by reducing excessive tail or unwanted room resonances!
Tommi Hartikainen
Tommi Hartikainen - IMDb
Alien: Blackout, FlatOut and Thief of Thieves
DeRoom is such a great tool to use in a pinch when you've got unwanted reverb on your source. The machine learning algorithms work amazingly well for this simple and easy to use plugin.
Matt Yocum - Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer - IMDb
Devotion, The Last of Us
These tools get my ADR right in the pocket and bring restoration tracks back to life.
Matt Vowels
Matt Vowles - Re-recording Mixer - IMDB
Re-recording Mixer ‘Expats’ Amazon / ‘Flight Attendant’ HBO - Restoration ‘Rocky Balboa MGM / Mad Max Road Warrior
dxRevive Pro is an absolute game-changer for dealing with clipped lavalier mics and other previously unusable dialogue recordings. I often get ADR or VO recordings that were done with just a phone and this tool allows me to take those non-optimal recordings and get them to a much more usable state. This just may be the magic tool we've been waiting for!
DeLaVanta “Del” Tabor
DeLaVanta “Del” Tabor, MPSE - Re-recording Mixer - IMDB
The Deadliest Lie (2021), Nine (2023) and Dating Covid.
Accentize Chameleon 2 has become an essential tool in my workflow. From getting ADR to match a space flawlessly, to getting Foley to sit perfect in the mix, and tailing out cut-off sentences Chameleon is the best way to achieve seamlessness in a soundtrack. The ability to capture and apply unique reverbs quickly has been like a sound design dream.
James David Redding III
James David Redding III MPSE - Re-recording Mixer - IMDB
The Queen's Gambit, Carol, The Patient