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MacBook M1 Processor - Audio Software Performance

November 30, 2020

After the release of Apple's new M1 processor along with the new MacOS version Big Sur we received a lot of questions regarding compatibility with our software. In addition, the new processor which features its own "Neural Engine" module is obviously very interesting to us and sounds like promising news to further explore our neural network based audio processing approaches. In this article we want to share the results of the first compatibility tests and also the performance of the M1 when processing machine learning based audio algorithms.

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Machine Learning for Analog Hardware Emulation

September 30, 2020

In a time where digital recording solutions are standard in most studios, a lot of people still prefer using analog hardware in some situations. If you ask them why you will most likely hear some terms like saturation, depth, or warmth or other fancy characteristics to justify the use of the old technology over modern ones. We are currently exploring a new approach to analog hardware emulation.

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Removing Reverb and Resonances

August 20, 2020

In an ideal world all recordings would be done in an optimal environment which exactly features the desired characteristics (reverb length, early reflections, frequency response...). Unfortunately, in many cases such environment simply does not exist or is too difficult to come up with. This article will outline the major problems of sub-optimal recording environments and some measures that can be taken to tackle the negative effects.

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