Remove Noise with VoiceGate

VoiceGate is a Machine-Learning based audio plug-in which can be used to reduce noise from speech and vocal recordings in real-time. An artificial neural network has been trained on thousands of  different audio recordings to learn the characteristics of human speech. The plugin can automatically adapt to any type of noise and lets you easily control the amount of noise reduction you need. VoiceGate removes noise and cleans up your recordings with just a few clicks! 
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Deep Neural Networks


The VoiceGate algorithm listened to thousands of different noisy dialogue recordings and learnt to separate all speech components from the background noise. 

Highly Optimized De-Noising


Artificial Neural Networks are known to require lots of computational ressources. However, the VoiceGate algorithm is highly optimized to run efficiently also on average workstations in real-time!

Automatic Adaptation

No Noise Profile Learning

VoiceGate immediately adapts to the noise conditions in your recording. No need to manually  find a speech pause to learn a noise profile first. The De-Noising works in a fully automated fashion.

Time Saver

Works directly in Your DAW

The audio plugin works directly in your favourite DAW and operates in real-time. This way it can be integrated seamlessly into your workflow.

Noisy Spectrum Cleaned Spectrum


149 incl. VAT

Post Production

555 incl. VAT
Save 30%


You can try out VoiceGate for free!

Compatible Hosts

Avid ProTools

Steinberg Cubase


Ableton Live

Steinberg Nuendo

Logic Pro

Adobe Premiere



Change Log

  • hide visualisations option


MAC: download

WIN: download

  • bugfix for stereo signals
  • bugfix for potential crash in some hosts
  • bugfix for sensitivity controls in SpectralFocus mode


MAC: download

WIN: download

Completely reworked plugin. Will show up as VoiceGate2 and can be installed in parallel to prior VoiceGate 1.x versions.

  • improved algorithm
  • new visualisation options
  • more efficient spectral focus mode


MAC: download

WIN: download

  • added button to de-authorize a machine
  • native Apple Silicon support


MAC: download

WIN: download

Init of change log

MAC: download

WIN: download

Audio Examples

Phone Interference Noise


Ambient Background Noise


Microphone Rumble Noise


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