Imitate any reverb with Chameleon

Chameleon is an intelligent audio plugin which uses artificial neural networks to estimate and model the exact reverb content of any source recording. You can build a reverb profile in seconds and easily apply it to dry studio recordings.

Intelligent Algorithm

state-of-the-art machine learning

By using recent machine learning techniques, Chameleon can quickly create an unlimited variety of different reverbs. The temporal and spectral characteristics are captured and can then be exactly reproduced in a realistic fashion.

Workflow Integration

export room-impulse-response as wav

If you want to stick to your existing reverb tools you can easily combine them with Chameleon. Simply export the room-impulse-response of the room profile as a wav-file and load it with your convolutional reverb plugin of choice.

Automatic Adaptation

exactly analyse the room condition

Chameleon listened to over 30.000 different example rooms during the development phase. Given this information it is now capable of adapting and exactly imitating any possible room reverb.

Time Saver

speed up your matching workflow

Chameleon is the ideal tool if you have to match dry studio recordings to real reverberant recordings. You can save hours of tuning reverb parameters by hand. Simply learn a reverb profile in a few seconds. Take your ADR and foley matching to the next level!



Matching Tools

save 25%

Reverb Tools

save 25%


You can try out Chameleon for free!

Compatible Hosts

Avid ProTools

Steinberg Cubase


Ableton Live

Steinberg Nuendo

Logic Pro

Adobe Premiere



Play Video
Play Video

Change Log

  • learning from side-chain signal now possible
  • 3D view bugfix (openGL)
  • Mono->Stereo bugfix
  • Initialisation bugfix when reloading a project


MAC: download

WIN: download

  • improved Adobe compatibility
  • new knob style


MAC: download

WIN: download

  • added button to de-authorize a machine
  • native Apple Silicon support
  • 3D view bugfix for Windows version


MAC: download

WIN: download

  • Bugfix: opening UI while playing audio caused short fade in reverb signal. Fixed!


MAC: download

WIN: download

  • Added Automatable Parameters: Dry/Wet, HighCut, LowCut,Width,Gain
  • Full Automation Mode Switch in Settings
  • More Automation Slots (20)
  • Increased Range for Output Gain (-30db/30db)


WARNING: Parameter IDs have been changed. If you have been using slot automation you will probably need to reload profiles for Chameleon instances in existing projects.

MAC: download

WIN: download

Release Version

MAC: download

WIN: download

Audio Examples


Chameleon is being used to match dialogue recorded in a studio to recordings in different locations

Hallway (target)



Underground (target)




Chameleon is being used to match foley to a dialogue recording in an underground parking lot

Underground (target)




Chameleon is being used to match a dry hihat-sample to a real drum-set by imitating the reverb of the recording room

Studio Drums (target)

Added HiHat

Chameleon on HiHat

Chameleon is being used to increase the reverb amount of a guitar recording. The existing reverb is imitated and boosted.

Original Recording

Added Depth with Chameleon

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