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Accentize DeRoom Pro

It’s all very easy to use and to see what’s going on. Really intuitive. More importantly, the results are superb — it’s smoother sounding than any other real‑time reverb removal system I’ve tried, and while there will always be some side‑effects when you ask too much this sort of tool, those encountered here are mercifully minimal and their onset subtle.
Accentize DeRoom Pro

I was interested in rehabilitating audio sourced from blogs, Zoom meetings and online tutorials, and I think I have found a great tool to do this quickly and almost automatically with acceptable results and very little tweaking.

VoiceGate brings something new to the dynamics processing table. There are other noise reduction solutions, but having one dedicated to the voice is a bonus. It doesn’t work miracles. In testing, there were situations where I couldn’t solve a very challenging noise issue, but most of the material I tested it on, it drastically improved the recording.
dxRevive Pro

When it comes to heavy-duty restoration and enhancement, I would say that dxRevive Pro really impressed me. It does things that the other plugins can’t, and it is more adjustable.
Accentize dxRevive Pro

I’ve found dxRevive to do an amazing job at restoring dialogue recordings. It’s particularly impressive on band-limited or thin sounding recordings and does a very effective job at bringing them to life and making them sound as though they were actually recorded well to begin with! A group of professional post users have been part of the pre-release test group and they are all very impressed with what dxRevive can do.
Accentize dxRevive Pro

Having this here and now for professional use, and with an almost zero learning curve is nothing short of amazing. dxRevive has made use of some marvellous technology, and the developer pixies have implemented it beautifully. dxRevive is clearly designed for dialogue, but certainly adds great value to the modern music studio. If you can afford it, the Pro version’s Revive algorithm is useful to have, and the merits of being able to split the frequency bands is obviously quite a bonus.
Accentize Chameleon

It's great to see smaller companies produce such fantastic machine learning plug-ins. Chameleon is very straightforward to use, with few settings, but we saw this as a positive as the machine learning technology was so good. It is a powerful plug-in at a very reasonable price.
Inserting dxRevive Pro for the first time and turning the amount knob brought a smile to my face! A reasonable degree of care had been taken to set up mics for the recording, but the extraction of a nice, radio‑style dry vocal was instant and nothing short of superb .... it really is a revelation: no other single processor I’ve used to date has enabled me to ‘clean up’ dialogue recordings anything like as well as this one.