Introducing Three New Algorithms with dxRevive Pro Version 1.2.0

dxRevive Pro Version 1.2.0

We are happy to release version 1.2.0 of our flagship speech restoration plugin, dxRevivePro, which introduces three new algorithms. Best of all, this update is FREE for all dxRevivePro license owners. Please note that the new algorithms are only available in the Pro version. If you own the regular version, dxRevive, check out your upgrade deal here.

You can download the new version either on the product page or your personal account page.

The new algorithms don’t replace existing ones, and the new version is fully backwards compatible!

Improved Algorithms: Studio 3 and Natural 2

Two of the new algorithms are improved versions of the Studio and Natural algorithms. These updated versions handle a wider range of different recordings in a more stable way. High-frequency noises can be removed more effectively, and the resynthesis of missing low frequencies is of better quality. Remember, there may be instances where the older versions produce more desirable results, so if you are in doubt, double-check using the different versions available in the algorithm selector window. However, in most cases, the newest versions, Studio 3 or Natural 2, will be the best choice!

New Algorithm: EQ Restore

EQ Restore is a completely new addition to our existing algorithms. The main difference is that it doesn’t aim to remove any noise or reverb; instead, it fixes spectral issues by applying EQ and spectral resynthesis if necessary. This way, the natural ambience is preserved while only enhancing the speech.

A crucial aspect of EQ Restore is that it applies EQ solely to the speech without altering the frequencies of the underlying noise or ambience. This selective approach isn’t possible with conventional EQ, which modifies the entire signal, affecting both speech and background components.

Listen to the following example to hear how EQ Restore equalizes and resynthesizes missing  frequencies of the speech recording without altering the ambience:

Original Recording

EQ Restore 100%

Note, that this is the most extreme processing by using EQ Restore at 100%. Oftentimes, a more subtle approach is preferable. By using the multi-band mode of dxRevivePro, you can set the processing amount differently for various frequency regions and shape the result according to your preferences:

EQ Restore Multi-Band