VoiceGate - Noise Reduction

Professional Speech Restoration

VoiceGate is a Machine-Learning based audio plug-in which can be used to reduce noise from speech and vocal recordings in real-time. An artificial neural network has been trained on more than 100 hours of audio data to learn the characteristics of human speech. The plugin can automatically adapt to a variety of different noise types and lets you easily control the amount of noise reduction you need.

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"VoiceGate is a fast, powerful tool that has saved a lot of takes without interrupting my workflow."
Jay Rose, CAS



continuously improving algorithm

The underlying algorithm will be continuously improved. If you stumble upon some speech or noise data on which it does not work as expected let us know and send us the audio material to mail@accentize.com. We will include it in the training procedure and the next version will work even on those signals.


efficient computation

Artificial Neural Networks are known to require lots of computational ressources. However, the VoiceGate algorithm is highly optimized to run efficiently also on average workstations in real-time!


optimized for different use-cases

Choose between different algorithms using the Algorithm Selector feature. In addition to the default algorithm, you can download newly available algorithms easily to your machine and use the best processing option for every noise scenario you are dealing with.



Supported samplerates: 44.1kHz,48kHz,88.2khz,96kHz,192kHz
Supported channel layout: Mono/Stereo
Plugin formats: AAX, VST3, AU


Windows 7 (64-bit), 4 GB RAM, Dual-Core CPU 2GHz
Max OS X 10.12, 4 GB RAM, Dual-Core CPU 2GHz
An active internet connection is required for starting in Trial Mode (always) and activating (just once).

Compatible DAWs

Cubase, Nuendo, ProTools, Reaper, Ableton and more...

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