New Major Update to the Acclaimed dxRevive Audio Restoration Plug-in

Recently, we introduced our speech restoration plugin, dxRevive, which has rapidly gained traction among post-production professionals worldwide, becoming an indispensable tool in their arsenals. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with dxRevive filling a longstanding need for many mixing engineers.

Over the past months, we’ve continued to refine the product, implementing feature optimizations and developing new processing algorithms. Today, we’re excited to unveil version 1.1.0!

The Pro version now includes a new algorithm selector window, providing clearer and easier-to-access information about different algorithms. Additionally, dxRevivePro now features individual Bypass buttons for each frequency band, facilitating effortless comparison of the changes made for each band.

The most significant addition is the introduction of brand-new algorithms (two for dxRevivePro and one for dxRevive). 

The update is free for owners of a dxRevive or dxRevivePro license.
Click here to head over to your account page to download the newest version.
Version 1.1.0 is fully backwards compatible!


Suitable for podcast and interview recordings.
This is the next generation of the original Studio 1.0 algorithm, engineered to achieve the same desired studio sound while incorporating the aforementioned improvements. Particularly noteworthy is its enhanced handling of higher frequencies (4kHz and above), which significantly benefits certain audio recordings.
Note: The original Studio algorithm remains available as "Studio 1.0." In rare instances, it may still be the preferred choice. When in doubt, it's advisable to compare both algorithms to determine the best fit.

This algorithm is available in both dxRevive and dxRevive Pro.


Suitable for podcast and interview recordings, as well as post-production in the filmmaking industry.
Neutral is a new addition that is similar as Studio but without the EQ feature. It effectively removes background noises and reverb while restoring missing frequencies, albeit with less EQ manipulation compared to Studio. While Studio aims to replicate speech recorded in a well-treated studio environment with a large diaphragm microphone, Neutral minimally impacts the frequency curve, staying truer to the original recording.

This algorithm is exclusive to dxRevive Pro.

We don't stop here

This release of new algorithms marks a significant step forward, but it’s far from the end of our journey. Our commitment to enhancing the quality of our speech enhancement plugin, dxRevive, is ongoing. We’re already hard at work on a multitude of ideas and plans to develop even more powerful algorithms. Additionally, we’re actively optimizing our processing code to more efficiently use CPU resources to ensure fast local processing. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!