The Company

Accentize is a small start-up based in Darmstadt, Germany which develops cutting-edge audio processing software using machine learning techniques. After some years of academic research we realized that there is a huge gap between state-of-the-art theoretical insights and available productive implementations. Our products aim at filling this gap by applying intelligent algorithms to common audio processing challenges.

We truly believe that current advances in the area of artificial intelligence provide a huge potential to simplify and optimize the workflow of audio professionals. Using accentize software, the time spent on tedious, repetitive tasks can be reduced drastically and there will be more time left for the enjoyable, creative part of the work.

Our Technology

In order to make our software "intelligent" we combine different machine learning practices with digital signal processing techniques. The core building block of our applications are so-called artificial neural networks (ANNs). ANNs can be trained to model complex behaviours and find solutions to problems which are difficult to come up with using conventional hand-crafted algorithms. After successfully finishing our first research projects, we now have a set of pre-trained algorithms at hand which we constantly try to improve and apply to new challenges. If you happen to face any audio processing problem which you think could be solved using our approaches feel free to send us a mail to mail[at]accentize.com.